Level One (1) to Level (2) Membership UPGRADE to ASSOCIATE

Category: Membership Renewal
Level One (1) to Level (2) Membership UPGRADE to ASSOCIATE

Level One (1) to Level 2 Membership UPGRADE to ASSOCIATE Level Membership 

  • Get Better Benefits 
  • Meet minimum requirements for committees or board associations
  • register as a Business rather than just as an individual 
  • ... much much more (ask for details) 

Upgrade from an Individual Member to an Associate Level Member for only $200 per year.  LIFETIME memberships are only available at the Individual Level - if you would like to utilize services over and above your lifetime membership, please be aware that you will need to pay the upgrade fee (the difference between the current annual individual membership fee to the amount for the level of membership you wish to upgrade to) on an annual basis.  This is currently $200 to upgrade from Lifetime to Associate Level 



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