International Business Council


The Greater Dallas Asian American Chamber Of Commerce International Business Council (IBC) was formed to promote and expand international business opportunities by developing and enhancing the expertise of regional businesses for economic success in the global marketplace.

Among the services IBC can provide are:

Why choose North Texas:

    1. Low Taxes: With no corporate income tax and no individual income tax, Texas has one of the lowest tax burdens in the country.
    2. Fair Legal System: Employers can't focus on success and growth if they're constantly tied up in court fighting frivolous lawsuits. Texas has taken bold steps to improve our legal system, balancing the needs of private citizens with real concerns about protecting employers from job-killing chronic lawsuits, as well as shielding doctors from skyrocketing malpractice insurance rates.
    3. Skilled Workforce: With a steadily growing civilian workforce of over 12 million people, Texas businesses have an extensive pool of candidates from which to hire highly-educated and skilled workers
    4. Infrastructure: Texas offers superior transportation and logistical advantages. The Dallas Fort Worth International Airport is rank 3rd in the world in term of operations, connecting North Texas to more than two hundred countries.
    5. Low Living Cost: Dallas' costs of living and doing business set it ahead of other leading U.S. cities. Dallas' overall cost of living is 92% of the national average.  Combined with low taxes and reasonable real estate costs, this helps businesses and households make more of their income, improving the business bottom line and the individual's quality of life. 

We welcome you to the North Texas Region and we are here to assist you.



                Urmil Shah

 Chair, International Business Committee


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