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Asian Trade District History


The devotions and commitment of three local leaders (In-Kon Kim, David Moon, and Peter Ng) finally led the designation of Asian Trade District from the City of Dallas in 1994. Without their visions to this area, the community could not have had such a name of Asian Trade District, which has been destination to Asian-oriented businesses for their American dreams.


Asian Trade District is locating to northwest of Dallas metro region.





Geographical Boundary

When Asian Trade District was born, the district was based on Harry Hines Boulevard and Royal Lane, but the boundary of business openings have been stretched to I-635 LBJ Freeway to North, Northwest Highway to South, Luna Road to West, and Josey Lane and Dennis Road to East. The approximate size of the whole district is 4,600 acres.




Ethics Composed

In Asian Trade District, a variety of different ethnics have been closely associated together: Korean, Chinese, Filipino, Indian, Pakistani, Taiwanese, and etc. Beyond Asian ethnics, Hispanic is another major component in the district.

Diversity of Business

In Asian Trade District, it is expected that more than 300 specialty shops and more than 21 shopping centers offer a large and diverse range of products ( Now, Asian Trade District business is represented by wholesale, retails, restaurants, mechanic shops, manufacturing, professionals, small offices, banks, and etc.

Economic Impact

Dallas Morning News reported in September 2005 that over $1 billion of economic activity is generated annually in a three-mile strip of Harry Hines Boulevard known as Asian Trade District.

Currently, the specific research for Asian Trade District economic value is under progress.


So far, the district land has been used as Warehouse/Distribution, Light industry, Heavy industry, Retail, and Vacant. In addition, east side of the district is dominantly used for residential purposes; South side for retail and warehouse/distribution uses; West side for parks/recreation and open spaces; and North side for office, warehouse/distribution, and open spaces.

Public Infrastructures

The basic public infrastructures and facilities are providing their services to the district.

1. Highways: I-35E runs through the center of the district. This highway is connecting the district to Downtown Dallas, Houston, and Austin on southbound and to Denton and Oklahoma City on northbound. The annual average daily traffic for I-35 is 232,440 vehicles.

I-635 LBJ Freeway adjoins on northbound on the district. This highway encompasses metro Dallas north, east, and south, and provides easy access to D/FW International Airport. The annual average daily traffic is 257,751 vehicles.

Harry Hines Boulevard (State Highway 354) is another big thoroughfare for the district. Main shopping centers and wholesale/retails are locating along this boulevard.

2. Electricity: TXU and Reliant Energy are currently supplying electricity to the district.

3. Public Transportation: DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) is providing local bus lines on Harry Hines Boulevard, and in the future, DART commuter rails will be serving the district.

4. Water and Sewer: Both of the services are managed by the City of Dallas

5. Police: Asian Trade District is covered by City of Dallas Northwest Operations Division.
Address: 9801 Harry Hines Boulevard, Dallas, Texas 75220
Phone: 214-670-6178

6. Fire Department: Two City of Dallas fire stations (#30, #43) serve the district vicinity.
# 30: 11381 Zodiac Lane, Dallas, Texas
# 43: 2844 Lombardy Lane, Dallas, Texas

7. Post office: One post office is locating in Royal Lane.
Address: 2736 Royal Lane, Dallas, Texas 75229

8. Schools: The district is covered by Dallas ISD. In the district, one elementary school (Tom W Field Elementary School) is locating in west Royal Lane. Four elementary schools are locating just outside Asian Trade District (Herbert Marcus Elementary School, F P Caillet Elementary School, David G Burnet Elementary School, and Julian T Saldivar Elementary School).


Elected Representatives

The elected representatives of the district are the following:

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