Master Plan

Master Plan Overview

With the understanding that Asian Trade District would need to develop new strategies for economic revitalization, GDAACC has launched the special project, Asian Trade District Master Plan, in 2006, and the efforts is still under process as ATD committee (Esau Liu, Chair of the committee) is actively working on the project.

The brief overview of ATD master plan is described below:


Map I: Asian Trade District Master Plan Target Area



Master Plan Mission Statement

The Asian Trade District to serve as a valuable, sustainable provider of quality business, living, and entertainment. The Asian Trade District will create economic, cultural, and social prosperity for the metropolitan Dallas.

Master Plan Vision

GDAACC (Greater Dallas Asian American Chamber of Commerce) will be the administrator, manager, and coordinator. The Asian Trade District will be the place that provides a functional framework that promotes:

Goals and Objectives Corresponding to Mission and Vision Statement

The master plan for the Asian Trade District is aimed to help shape the current and future of the District into a sustainable, vibrant, and economically prosperous destination for local and out of town people by emphasizing and addressing seven components.

Three Major Principles

Based on the seven (7) components that will be addressed, the following three are the principles that goals and objectives will be emphasized.

1. Business Development and Revitalization
The sustainable business development, revitalization, and growth of the Asian Trade District are the key elements of the master plan. The economic vision means that the Asian Trade District will operate an economic center of northwest City of Dallas as well as a prosperous hub for international trade and commerce. Through dynamic, sustainable economic viability, The Asian Trade District will create a healthy, vibrant region; provide diverse, affordable entrepreneurship opportunities; create an expanded tax base; and promote sustainable infrastructure of economy as well as culture.

2. Urban Design
Urban design will shape living and working in the district into high quality, attractive environment. Adequate, close urban design enhances physical form of the district into attractive, sustainable, and vibrant urban features. Not only physical improvement but also integration of utility infrastructure, community resources, and transportation will be critical to making the Asian Trade District special and unique to locals as well as out of town people.

3. Mixed-use Development
Mixed land use will integrate social, cultural, and economical features of the district into a sustainable, healthy community. Instead separating different land uses, mixed residential, commercial land uses encourage and enhance mutual benefits by compensating weakness and drawbacks. Transit-oriented development encourages very efficient land use and viable public space.


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